Greetings on the 60th anniversary of the Establishment of the Economic Institute

Sixty years ago on this day, the Central Committee of the MPRP and the Council of Ministers issued a joint resolution to establish the Economic Institute under the Academy of Sciences and the State Planning Commission with three departments: industry, agriculture, and national economic planning.

It took a year to have a research staff and stabilize the institute at the national level.

For 35 consecutive years under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences and the State Planning Commission, the management and researchers of the Economic Institute have focused on key issues of the theoretical research in Mongolia's development, analysed issues in many fields of applied science, and made a valuable contribution to the Mongolia's development policy decisions through scientific approach. The Institute also collaborated with international organizations and played an important role in strengthening research. The Economic Institute, a leading research institution in Mongolia, has managed and led principal academics and researchers, and has conducted the policy and management of research institutions in a historically ethical manner for more than half a century.

For the last 25 years since the Economic Institute transferred from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences to the National University of Mongolia in 1997, it has been conducting conventional research in science and has supported researchers, academic staff of the (former) School of Economic Studies and Department of Economic and contributed to the development of radical research in the global environment. It is a pleasure to support Mongolian studies in many areas, including theoretical research in economic, empirical research and experimentation, and development policy research.

Through this greeting, I would like to pay tribute to the former directors, academic secretaries, all researchers, and academic staff who led the Institute through the years and to congratulate the veterans who are on a well-deserved vacation, to the current collaborators of the National University of Mongolia, contract researchers and stakeholders on the historic day of the establishment of the Economic Institute of NUM and thank you for your efforts!

Director of the Economic Institute, Kh. Tsevelmaa, PhD.